ULTIQA Fiji Palms Resort

House Rules



The air conditioning units are designed for each bedroom.  Maximum efficiency can be achieved by closing the bedroom door, windows and drawing the curtains.  In units 1 to 14 the power for the air conditioning units is turned off between the hours of 10.00am to 5.00pm in order to conserve electricity and reduce excess moisture problems.  If you would like the air conditioners on during the day, there is a $10 per day electricity surcharge.  In units 15 to 32 your air conditioning requires your front door key to be inserted in the key switch and will automatically cut off when you remove your key.


Your apartment is fully stocked with house ware, appliances, linen and towels.  A full inventory is in this compendium and should be checked on arrival.  Any missing items should be reported to the office immediately so that they can be replaced.  Any items missing or broken at check-out, other than normal wear and tear, will be charged to your account.


The Club Bar is for the use of house guests only.  It is not open to public.  Visitors of bona fide registered guests may use the bar but their accounts will be the responsibility of the in house guest if not paid to the Bar or to the Office.  Any visitors signed in, are the responsibility of the guest during their stay.

For security purposes and your convenience no cash sales are normally permitted at the bar.  Bar purchases must be charged to your account.  Please assist the barman by signing for each drink.  You may settle your bar account each day, but you must settle prior to leaving the resort.


Towels and items of clothing must not be hung on balcony railings.  Kindly use the drier or airer provided in your unit.


A pre authority credit card of $100.00 is taken on registration. Alternatively a $100.00 bond is payable by exchangers and casual guests on registration. This is to cover any charges or damages caused whilst occupying the unit.


Any breakages or damage should be reported immediately to the Resort Manager.  Breakage of apartment or Resort equipment will be charged to your account.


From 3.00pm [Friday or Saturday]


10.00am [Friday or Saturday].  As the apartment will be fully serviced after your departure for incoming guests, your co-operation in vacating the apartment by 10.00am is required.  Early departures require guests to settle their account on the previous day prior to 5.00pm.


Parents are responsible for the safety of the children and must supervise them while at the Club especially at the swimming pool, spas and beach. Adult supervision is requested in the Recreation Area and at the Pool Table.


Comment sheets are included with your Palms Press. We welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve our service.


Are available on request.


The voltage in Fiji is 240 volts.  Electric shock is a way to describe our electricity bill each month!  Charges in Fiji are extremely high and we seek your assistance in keeping our shocks to a minimum.  It would be most helpful if you could turn off all air conditioners and lights when not in use or when leaving the apartment.



 Prior to Cyclone:

  1. Resort Staff will put up shutters.
  2. Check emergency supplies for each unit (lamps, torches, batteries, candles and matches)
  3. Store safely all loose furnishing and equipment. Bring patio/balcony furniture inside.
  4. Guests are advised to
    • stock up on bottled water for drinking.
    • store water in pots and bowls.
    • Stock up on food (not too much frozen as electricity can be cut off).
    • Secure units from driving winds by using towels in areas where water seeps in.
  1. If flooding is possible make sure all bags and perishables are off the floor.
  2. Store adequate water for the Resort by whatever means possible.
  3. Any Notices will be sent to your units or posted at the Bar if electricity is off.

During a Cyclone:

  1. Keep inside as much as possible.
  2. Leave window open on the leeward side of your unit to reduce pressure build up. Only close if necessary.
  3. Make sure torches, candles and lamps are on hand.
  4. If power goes off and water supply is affected, use water sparingly to flush toilets. If flooding occurs, use towels to direct water to bathroom drainage.
  5. If you have an emergency, contact the On-Site Manager as soon as possible. Medical supplies are available at the office.

After the Cyclone:  Although please be aware that there may be a period of calm and then the winds could start again.

  1. Check your unit for any damage and report it.
  2. Open units to air out any dampness.
  3. Place wet items outside to dry when possible
  4. Clean your unit as best you can initially and then, should you require, request assistance from the Office or On-Site Manager.
  5. Management will make themselves available at the earliest opportunity to attend to comfort and the safety of guests.
  6. Any guest input with the cleanup will be greatly appreciated by the staff.
  7. Every effort will be made to offer hot water and cooking facilities at the BBQ and Kitchen at the Bar. Cook any defrosting food before it deteriorates.


Earthquakes are rare in Fiji.  The Fiji Palms Units and Recreation Area have been built to withstand earthquakes.

“The Triangle of Life”  It is now proven that your best chance of survival when a building collapses is to curl up  in the foetal position next to something solid like a sofa or  bed, not as we were taught previously, under a table or doorway etc. Keep away from stairs.  The object will compress but creates a void next to it.  If you are in bed, simply roll off the bed.  If possible, choose to be near the outside of the building or outside.  Create your own ‘triangle of life’.

When the immediate danger is over, evacuate the Resort as a precaution against a Tsunami.

TIDAL WAVE (TSUNAMI)                             


  1. If the warning of a tidal wave is given, evacuate the Resort to higher ground. If time allows, before leaving, ensure valuables are secure or take with you and lock your unit securely.  Do not take suitcases.  Walk to the Office and let the staff know you are leaving the resort then continue walking to the main road.  If no transport available, cross over and turn immediately right behind the Police Post towards the Arts Village.  Turn left at the School and continue up the hill towards the Golf Club and Lagoon Resort.  The collection/waiting point is Pacific Heights, a turning on your right hand side. 
  2. Please report all group and family members accounted for to Management as soon as possible.



  1. Sound the alert. (Shout Fire! Fire! Fire!).  Get everyone out of the affected block.
  2. Management or any available person to call the Pacific Harbour Fire Brigade.
  3. (Phone 345 0325 or 9239426).
  4. Use fire extinguishers in the unit for any type of fire.
  5. Use fire hoses if required. (Do not use water on electrical fires).
  6. Evacuate the block affected – turn off power to that block if practical.
  7. If the fire hoses fail to prove adequate, or if the water supply is interrupted, use a bucket chain from the spas and swimming pool to the fire by using everyone possible with buckets from the units.
  8. The Emergency Evacuation Area is the Recreation Room. Should that facility not be available, in front of the Office is the alternative Emergency Evacuation Area.
  9. Please report all group and family members accounted for to Management as soon as possible.



Duty Managers

Michael (lives on Site) – 992 9050 or 345 0752

Wendy – 992 8050 or 345 0711

Emergency Transport –  345 0711 or mobile 9929100

Fire – 345 0325 or mobile 9239426

Ambulance – 330 2584 or mobile 9951401

Electricity – 345 0176

Police – Pacific Harbour – 345 0156

Local Emergency Doctor  – 345 0922 or mobile 9976592

Police – Navua – 346 0222

Hospital – Navua – 346 0007

Emergency – 346 0181

Ambulance – Navua – 346 0181

Suva Private Hospital – 330 3404

Recompression Chamber – 336 2172



Fiji Palms Beach Club is affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (R.C.I.) and members can also use Dial an Exchange (DAE).  Exchanges are made through their offices directly for exchanges to other resorts around the world.  Ask the Resort Manager if you require any assistance.


Members who purchased before November 1988 may own Fixed Time in a specific unit reserved for their use each year.  Members must confirm their arrival details at least 10 weeks in advance and have paid their maintenance fee prior to use.


Floating ownership provides great flexibility.  Floating time members must make a reservation.  This can be done through the Resort office no more than 40 weeks in advance providing their maintenance fee has been paid for the time they wish to book.


The Resort gardener takes pride in keeping the grounds immaculate.  Please help by using the bins provided near unit 13 for paper, bottles and rubbish.


A full set of linen and towels is provided in each apartment. Housemaids change bed linen and service owners’ apartments weekly. daily housekeeping service is available on request for a small charge.


Each apartment is fully equipped with a washing machine, drier, iron and ironing board.


The Resort Manager’s prime responsibility is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.  The Management is responsible for the satisfactory upkeep of the Resort, maintenance and all matters related to the Resort.  All enquiries and any complaints should be directed to the Resort Manager.  The Resort Manger or their representative has the authority to refuse access to any guest or owner who is not financial, or has caused a disturbance, or has breached the House Rules. The House Rules also implies the Memorandum of Association, the Articles and By-Laws of Fiji Palms Beach Club and Resort Limited


Please inform the Office immediately in the event of any breakdown of appliances or general repairs. This should be done immediately the fault occurs so that repairs may be affected without delay to ensure the least inconvenience is suffered.


Annual Maintenance Fees are due for payment on 1st January each year.  These must be paid prior to occupancy being booked or any space bank/exchange arrangements made.  15% interest will be levied on all maintenance levies not paid by 31st March.


If protection is required in case of bed wetting, please inform the office for there are mattress protectors which will be fitted.


Loud and objectionable behavior by any owner or guest will not be permitted.  Please be considerate towards others and restrict noise after 10.00pm in consideration of other guests.


Monday to Saturday:  8.00am to 5.00pm.

Sunday: 9.00am to 4.00pm


Maximum occupancy is 6 persons per apartment.  No exceptions. Casual guest are not permitted more than 6 persons on the resort. No large group of visitors allowed.


The Resort has its cats which assist in controlling vermin: they are not allowed in the units. Guest are not permitted to bring pets to the resort or encourage strays.


All personal charges must be settled prior to departure.


There is a limited parking space adjacent to apartment blocks on a first come, first parked basis.  Visitors may park near the Recreation Centre or at the Office.


All accounts may be made in cash, traveler’s cheques or credit cards – Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted. There is a surcharge for credit card use which may change from time to time with changing bank fees.


Please leave them how you would like to find them.  Report any malfunctions to the Resort Manager so they can be repaired.


Evening meals area available at the Fiji Palms Bar Area and there are many restaurants in the Pacific Harbour area.


Each apartment is provided with a rubbish container.  These may be emptied into the bins located at the rubbish collection area adjacent to Unit 13.


Our property is normally safe. Please assist by ensuring that your windows and doors are secured when you are going out, or at night. Valuables should be deposited in the safe in your apartment or the Resort office safe. Apartment doors (and windows in apartments1- 14) should be locked when unoccupied at night. The Resort is patrolled by security guards from 5PM until 8AM every night.  Please report any personal losses immediately to the Resort Manager or staff member on duty.  We ask for your co-operation in not encouraging the security guards to socialize whilst on duty nor participate in any social activity which takes them away from their duties.  This might put the security of our property, as well as their jobs, in jeopardy.


A Fiji Government Tax is charged per apartment per week which may be subject to change.


For your convenience a Starter Pack is left in your unit at the commencement of your stay.  Anything not required will be credited to your account if returned on Saturday or by noon on the first day the office is open after your arrival.


The Swimming Pool and Spas are not manned and guests use these facilities at their own risk.  Children must be supervised.  Please be considerate to other guest and keep noise down if swimming, particularly after 10.00p.m.  Staff and security personnel have been instructed to control noise levels after hours and remove offenders.


There are some over enthusiastic handicraft sellers around who tend to harass visitors into buying their wares.  They usually ask your name and have it carved on sword before you realize what is happening.  You are not obliged to purchase the item with your name carved on it.  One such souvenir seller operates in this area.  If you wish to buy his sword etc., please note that the standard price for these types of souvenirs is around $15 for a set of 12” sword and a mask.


Note that private cars operating as taxis are illegal and may not be adequately insured. We suggest that the office arrange for your transport needs but you are welcome to use any legal taxi service or transfer company.


We have a telecard phone at the Recreation Centre for personal calls.  Cards may be purchased from the Bar or at the office.  Cards come in $3, $5, $10 and $20 denominations.  We suggest $10 and $20 cards for overseas calls. Local calls made from the office on your behalf will be charged at $3 per call.


Tipping is not common practice in Fiji.  However you could show your appreciation through the “Staff Appreciation Box” at reception or you may like to add it to your account on checking out.  With the exception of the Resort Manager, all tips are shared equally among the staff.


There are excellent tours and attractions available as outlined in the units compendium.  The staff at the Resort can provide with information and assist you with any bookings.


Pool towels are available in the unit’s linen cupboards.  Bath towels are not to be taken to the beach or swimming pool.


Visitors are welcome but they are your responsibility during their visit.  Please keep the number to a reasonable level.  Discuss with the Manager if you wish to arrange a private party of more than six visitors. All visitors should leave quietly by 11PM.


Tap water is safe, although you may prefer to boil drinking water or use bottled water. Bottles of clean tap water are provided in your unit for emergencies; please note this is not drinking water.