ULTIQA Fiji Palms Resort


Relaxing Retreat. Luxury Inclusions.

As with all ULTIQA Resorts, Fiji Palms features some of the best luxury inclusions, appealing to all interests and all ages. Whatever type of holiday you are after, we can assist in creating the perfect solutions.

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AIR CONDITIONING This is available in all the units and to activate, simply insert your unit key into the key slot that is situated at the side of the door.   APARTMENT Your apartment is fully stocked with house-ware, appliances, linen and towels.  Any items required can be requested from the Office.  Any items missing or broken at check-out, other than normal wear and tear, will be charged to your account.   BABY SITTING:  Can be arranged at the office.  It is preferred to have 24 hours’ notice.  The cost is to be paid directly to the baby sitter and we ask that you also kindly pay for the taxi and ensure that  the Sitter has night time transport home.   BAR The Club Bar is for the use of house guests only.  It is not open to the public.  Visitors of bona fide registered guests may use the bar but are the responsibility of the guest during their stay.   For security purposes and your convenience no cash sales are permitted at the bar.  Bar purchases must be charged to your account.  Please assist the barman by signing off your tab.  You may settle your bar account each day if you prefer or at the end of your stay prior to leaving the resort.   Monday to Friday the Bar opens from 4pm with Happy Hour until 7pm.  On Sunday the Bar opens from 11am and will remain open throughout the day and evening. Closing time is flexible and dependant on patronage.  We ask that all alcohol consumed in the Bar Area should be purchased from the Bar as we are a Licensed Bar.  Guests are asked to dress modestly at the Bar and Recreation Area.  Please consider other guests and the Barman by not smoking at the Bar, tables with ashtrays are provided   BARBECUE A gas barbecue is available.  Please leave it clean and tidy when you have finished.   BOOK EXCHANGE A book exchange is located in the Recreation Area.  If you borrow books please return them when finished.  Any surplus books you may have would be gratefully appreciated.   CHURCH SERVICE: There are two Catholic Masses in the area on Sunday morning.  One is at 7.30am at nearby Makosoi Village, a 5 minute ride on your way to Suva, and at 10.00am there is a Fijian Mass at Lomary.  To experience the Fijian singing we suggest Lomary, where all denominations are welcome, and transport leaves the Bar/Recreation Area at 9.30am. There is a Methodist service also available at Makosoi Village commencing at 10am.  Please advise the office on Saturday or between 9.15 and 9.30am on Sunday if you need transport.  All guests are most welcome to attend any service.   COTS AND HIGHCHAIRS Are available on request, via office.   FAXES:    Faxes can be sent and received from the Office.   Our fax number is (679) 345 0025.  Outgoing faxes will be charged to your account. GAMES We have a selection of Board Games and Jigsaw Puzzles in the Office available during Office hours. Darts and Table Tennis Bats and Balls are available at the Recreation Area with replacements from the Bar   INTERNET: We have Wi Fi internet available throughout the Resort.  You may need to go out to your patio or balcony to pick up the signal.  If you have a problem then the best locations are outside the Office, the BBQ bures at the new units near to the Office and the Bar/Recreation Area.  There is a WI Fi computer facility at the Recreation Area   LAUNDRY FACILITIES Each apartment is fully equipped with a washing machine, clothes drier, iron and ironing board. LOVO Lovo is a Fijian ground oven.  A lovo meal is usually prepared by the staff during your stay.  A minimum of 20 persons is required.   PALM PRESS To keep you informed of what is happening at the resort, a Palm Press is issued everyday (except Sunday).  Any happenings you would like to let other guests know about, inform the office.  Birthdays or any special occasions are always of interest.   PARKING There is limited parking space adjacent to apartment blocks on a first come, first parked basis.  Visitors must park near the Recreation Centre or at the Office.   POOL TABLE Is located at the Recreation Area, available for adult guests, and children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the Pool Table unless playing with an adult.   RECREATION EQUIPMENT A selection of recreation equipment is available for your free use.   SAFE DEPOSIT There is an individual safe in your apartment. This is accessed by following the given instructions or, in some cases, by using the key attached to your key tag.   STARTER PACK For your convenience a Starter Pack is left in your unit at the commencement of your stay.  Anything not required will be credited to your account if you return what is not required by noon on the first day the office is open after your arrival. Toilet Rolls and soap are part of this starter pack and are complimentary but are not replaced by housekeeping. SWIMMING POOL AND SPAS The Swimming Pool and Spas are not manned and guests use this facilities at their own risk.  Children must be supervised.  Please be considerate to other guest and keep noise down if swimming, particularly after 10.00pm.  Staff and security personnel have been instructed to control noise levels after hours and remove offenders. The pools are not manned and used at your own risk.  Please take extra care of young children around the Swimming Pool and Spas.   POOL LOUNGERS AND CHAIRS  Are available for all to enjoy.  If you take chairs or loungers to the beach please ensure that they are not left unattended and returned to the Pool Deck after you have finished using them.  Staff will be pleased to assist.   TAXIS Taxis can be arranged from the office during the day.  If you want a taxi in the evening it is advisable to pre-book with the Office as they can often be in short supply.  Short taxi rides can be paid directly to the driver.  Longer journeys, such as Suva will be arranged through the office and charged to your account.  A return taxi to Suva can be arranged and your driver will wait for you   TELEPHONE We have a telecard phone at the Recreation Centre for personal calls.  Cards may be purchased from the Bar and at the office.  Cards come in $3, $5, $10 and $20 denominations.   UMBRELLAS An umbrella is provided in each apartment in the laundry cupboard.  A charge of $15 will be made in the event of its loss.